If you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies, you might be hoping for relief from your symptoms without the pesky side effects that some medications can include. For example, antihistamines can make you drowsy and many decongestants will lead to a dry mouth and a rise in blood pressure.

The good news is that you can find many natural herbs for allergies that will offer relief from your symptoms the holistic way. Many natural herbs for allergies will actually help to prevent the symptoms rather than treating them once they start. This can be an effective way of managing many of the seasonal allergies that a number of people suffer from.

Lifestyle Modifications to Reduce Allergens

Before moving into the natural herbs for allergies, it is a good idea to try some lifestyle modifications that will reduce your exposure to known allergens. These modifications can include keeping windows closed and using air conditioning systems instead, especially at night when allergens tend to run rampant.

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