DISCLAIMER: Due to individual circumstances — such as age, health and personal tolerance, I have refrained from recommending suggested dosages in this article. When in doubt consult with your doctor. Before purchasing and/or experimenting with these ‘so-called’ natural remedies for depression, please take time to do your own proper research and due diligence on the natural substance(s) of choice.

Watch any show on television today and you will likely see some commercial “pushing” the latest drug to treat virtually any mental or physical ailment including depression. Face it, most hospitals and drug companies do not want a healthy world. They need and rely on you to have a prescription filled in order to keep themselves rich and their companies mega-profitable. They’re usually not interested in curing your depression, only diagnosing and placing a band-aid on your symptoms.

The good news is that there are quite a few proven natural alternative remedies for depression management. In fact studies have shown many of these ‘alternatives’ do work as well (or even better) than their laboratory-produced cousins.

Though herbs and supplements ultimately suffer from the same criticism as drugs — only able to treat the symptoms and not the cause of depression, they have several key advantages. These include affordability (especially if you find doctor visits/drugs too expensive), availability (found most places where vitamins are sold), little or lower risk of dependence, and best of all — a lack of side effects.

Born from years of personal experience and due diligence, I have compiled my list of top-10 natural herbs and supplements to best and most effectively help a person cope with their symptoms of mild to moderate feelings of depression. Here they are:

The Top-5 Natural Depression Remedies

#1) St. John’s Wort (herbal remedy)

Administered and well-documented for thousands of years as a natural herbal remedy for low moods and mild to moderate depression management, St. John’s Wort has recently made a modern-era popularity comeback in both the holistic health community and in mainstream public consciousness. In fact, it is the natural choice for many millions living with depression worldwide.

Though many in the west are skeptical to the effectiveness of herbs as medicine, it should be noted that there is enough evidence to show that St. John’s Wort does work wonders for many people confronting their ongoing feelings of depression. So much so that many European countries have banned it from store shelves and now offer it only through a doctor’s prescription.

Affordable and readily available in most places where vitamins are sold (in the USA), the benefits of taking St. John’s Wort greatly outweigh the negative. Depending on the brand, store, or if it’s on sale, effective daily treatment may only set you back as low as 30 U.S. cents per day.

There are few (if any) side effects for most people — even at very high dosages. It is not physically addictive and can be taken safely over a long period of time.

The only real drawback about St. John’s Wort is that it will not provide immediate relief. This may be a deterrent for depressed individuals seeking an answer to their low moods right now. This herb accumulates in the body over time, and for depression management, a patient may not notice any positive effects for 4 to 8 weeks. But with patience, a hefty daily dose may be enough to eventually lift you out of the doldrums.

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