No matter in which part of the world you are and what type of food you eat, they are sure to have at least one herb as an ingredient. Herbs are truly an indispensable part of culinary. They not only add flavor to the food but also are nutritious enough that helps the body in improving its energy level and enables it to fight well against diseases. But of late it has been noticed that instead of being medicine these herbs are turning into slow poison. How and why? The answer is simple. It is all because of the chemicals used in various forms like the pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. These chemicals when mix with the soil contaminates them. When the plants draw their nutrition from the soil the chemicals too pass through and contaminate the whole plant, its leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.

When these various parts of the plants are consumed the trace remnants of these chemicals pass on to our body thereby affecting every parts and their functions. The effect is so slow that we fail to realize it. They gradually make us sick and various diseases including deadly ones like cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart stroke attacks us. As a solution for this, organic farming has been reintroduced. In this method, the Organic Natural Herbs are grown in the most natural and organic way without the use of any artificial or chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Though it is not possible to distinctively identify these Organic Natural Herbs but still you can differentiate the qualitative ones from the inferior ones. Look for the color of the herbs. Even though the herbs come in dried form, the Organic Natural Herbs retain their original color.
Then comes the smell of the herbs. This too, is retained even if the percentage is less. Fresh ones do have stronger smell but at the same time the qualitative dried ones too should contain some amount of it. That’s an indication of its genuineness.

The next thing and the most important thing that needs to be seen while buying Organic Natural Herbs, is the label. The term organic can be used only when the company and its product are duly certified by an authorized certifying agency. For this there are many inspections done, rules followed and strict methods adapted to produce these herbs in the most natural and organic way.  Collecting and handling, storing and transporting them should be done with great care so that they are not contaminated by the chemical remnants in the atmosphere, the containers and handling equipments, during any of the process.

Once a company and its products are duly certified, they are authorized to put on the certifying agency’s logo on these packages. Along with this, the packet should contain the details of the name of the herb, its scientific term and the part of the plant that is used. But the most important of all is that one should buy these Organic Natural Herbs only from reputed and reliable companies to avoid being cheated.

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